Photographer Antoine Rose captures Miami’s beaches and its coastline in the series Up in the Air Miami. Shot from a bird’s eye view, umbrellas, beach goers, and yachts are miniaturized and abstracted, and look like tiny toys used in a diorama. The candy-colored images offer an unusual glimpse into a day on the water, as we see only a general depiction of the beach yet its captured on a large scale. We aren’t offered many details, but still, there is a lot of energy in these photographs. Rose communicates leisure, and minuscule figures evoke the famous French post-impressionist “bathers” series by Cezanne.

Emmanuel Fremin Gallery in New York City is exhibiting Rose’s works, and they describe how the extreme point of view affects what we’re seeing:

… people sharing common behaviors and exposing themselves like hedonistic herds. The stills of people swimming, surfing or just sitting down on their beach pads suggest a showcase or, given the distance, an Insectarium. One can even see a religious connotation: the bird’s eye view makes people seem insignificant dots in the infinite space of the universe, crushed by the immensity of the water field, recalling the biblical universal flood; seen from the sky, like through god’s eyes, people and nature coexist in harmonic or tense relationships.

Miami isn’t the first or only place that Rose has photographed. Previous series of Up in the Air include the Hamptons, Long Island, and Wollman Skating Rink in New York City. To capture these images, he is situated outside of a helicopter that flies as low as 600 feet.

Beach-Candies-Antoine-Rose-Aerial-Beach-Photography-30cm_300dpi antoine-rose-Miami-Shooting BirdBird-Antoine-Rose-Aerial-Beach-Photography-30cm_300dpi Reds-Against-Blues-Antoine-Rose-Aerial-Beach-Photography-30cm_300dpi Vortex-Antoine-Rose-Aerial-Beach-Photography-30cm_300dpi Miami-Shore-Antoine-Rose-Aerial-Beach-Photography-30cm_300dpi Insectarium-Antoine-Rose-Aerial-Beach-Photography-30cm_300dpi1 Red-District-Antoine-Rose-Aerial-Beach-Photography-30cm_300dpi Turquoise-Antoine-Rose-Aerial-Beach-Photography-30cm_300dpiView Up in the Air Miami at the Emmanuel Fremin Gallery from February 27 – May 3.

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