Christina Bothwell, an American artist, is creator of all things weird. These fantastic yet strange beings (Bothwell’s sculptures) are both creepy but inevitably inspiring. Bothwell’s intriguing sculptures invite the viewer to imagine fantastical worlds; ones where these weird creatures could potentially exist in.

Most often made from cast glass and clay, her made-up creatures are sometimes fitted out with found objects that serve as limbs and other body parts. The glass allows for a more ethereal, surreal feel; it also allows for a soft light to radiate through the figure, simultaneously revealing beauty yet the imperfections found within the glass. This aspect of the work is representative of Bothwell’s interest in notions of vulnerability and childhood innocence. Christina states that her ideas are in many ways autobiographical; the pieces certainly arise from what is going on in her current adult life, or what has gone on in her early childhood. (via Feather of Me)

Christina-Bothwell-deer-565x521 Christina-Bothwell-death-565x348 Christina-Bothwell-dreaming-565x623 Christina-Bothwell-spring-565x623 Christina-Bothwell-tiny-figures-565x376 Christina-Bothwell-true-love-565x847 Christina-Bothwell-baby-565x423Christina Bothwell’s Fantastical Glass Creatures Will Inspire You appeared first on Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design.