George Chamoun, a Swedish jewelry design student at the Konstfack University of the Arts, creates Iconatomy, a project that critically looks at celebrities, fashion icons, political, religious, and other personalities that influenced the confines of beauty today. The artist perfectly arranges the new and the old fragments of celebrity faces, so that upon a quick glance, viewers might think they are looking at just one subject. Each compilation features two faces representing the past and the present of glamour and fame.

Chamoun’s collection of mash-ups are striking in that we barely find differences between these timeless icons. I think this makes up for a strange, but obvious conclusion: we still look for perfect, youthful faces… standards of beauty have remained the same throughout all of these years. In fact, it has stayed so much the same that celebrities now resemble the ones before their time.

Apart from making this statement, I think we can’t deny that there is also an eagerness to resemble times in which beauty was a bit more natural than what it is today. Celebrities, stylist, hair dresser, etc have the urgency to emulate classic beauty. However, they are trying so hard that they all back on unnatural ways to make that happen.

Similarly, Marc Ghali, Canada-based photographer, also works within this framework.

Iconatomy-by-George-Chamount-A-Journey-Through-Time-yatzer-3-565x699 Iconatomy-by-George-Chamount-A-Journey-Through-Time-yatzer-2-565x699 Iconatomy-by-George-Chamount-A-Journey-Through-Time-yatzer-4-565x699 Former-Celebrities-Gracefully-Merged-With-Modern-Day-Equivalents-By-Marc-Ghali-2-565x706 Former-Celebrities-Gracefully-Merged-With-Modern-Day-Equivalents-By-Marc-Ghali-1-565x706 Iconatomy-by-George-Chamount-A-Journey-Through-Time-yatzer-5-565x699 Iconatomy-by-George-Chamount-A-Journey-Through-Time-yatzer-1-565x699“I wanted to do something fun creatively. I was inspired by a series [by George Chamoun] called Iconatomy, and wanted to draw on parallels between influential figures pasts and present in an interpretative way.”

The subjects that Marc Ghali chooses to work with ranges from singers and actors to historical leaders. Some of the mash-ups include Rihanna and Diana Ross, Brad Pitt and James Dean, and two British princesses, Kate and Diana.