Ludovic Florent‘s new photoseries Poussières d’étoiles (which translating as Stardust) features the natural beauty of the human body in motion, capturing dancer’s poses in moments of ecstasy, distress and grace. Each photograph is highlighted by the staging, a chalk and sand floor which enhances each movement, with dust clouds mirroring the appendage’s motions to create a dramatic physical presence of their own. Florent says, “In our changing society, my photographic work is guided by a humanistic look, willingness to foreground the natural beauty of the body, free to express his grace and personality.”

The Metz, France-based Florent created Poussières d’étoiles for Gallery HEGOA, and in anticipation for the European Festival of Nude Photography in Arles, France in May, 2014. The photographer further explains his work, “‘Behind every carnal envelope hides a soul that is both sensitive and flamboyant as I try to capture in each of my photographs.’ We certainly enjoy his work guided by a humanistic look, finding expression in a series that is both, sensitive and vivid.”   (via ignant)

Poussières-détoiles-3 tumblr_n0rnayh0op1qlq9poo1_1280-1 tumblr_n0rnayh0op1qlq9poo2_1280 Poussières-détoiles-4 tumblr_n0rnayh0op1qlq9poo3_1280 tumblr_n0rnayh0op1qlq9poo4_1280 tumblr_n0rnayh0op1qlq9poo5_1280 tumblr_n0rnayh0op1qlq9poo6_1280 tumblr_n0rnayh0op1qlq9poo9_1280Ludovic Florent’s Mesmerizing Photoseries Of Nude Dancers Engulfed In Dust (NSFW) appeared first onBeautiful/Decay Artist & Design.