8f21e8f4980827a3572f76a9932af3b5The Big Lebowski – Pixelwood

Bratislava, Slovakia art director Dusan Cezek has created two great series of animated GIF pixel art, Pixelwood and Pixelomics, that depict famous movie and comic book scenes. You can view more animated GIFs from both collections on Behance.

75d618dd873fa896e525cb1dedfe69f4Superman and Wonder Woman – Pixelomics

ce8476a5750ace5d19811c836fc45a9bThe Fifth Element – Pixelwood

8ea467520bbec472737b6aed05912d3eThe Avengers – Pixelomics

edbea56254d9f3708b7cb8c2552eb82dThe Evil Dead – Pixelwood

647414e28cc981777b95442b4c007fb4Hellboy – Pixelomics

images via Dusan Cezek

via Art Fucks Me