Pierce Thiot and his wife Stacy Thiot have created a bizarre Tumblr called Will It Beard, which is devoted entirely to the couple sticking things into Pierce’s beard and photographing the results.

Shaving razors, lollipops, uncooked noodles, cocktail umbrellas and, yes, even lit matches, have been loaded into Pierce’s beard. He toldBuzzfeed that it all began when he decided to store a pen in his beard at work. Later, he visited his mother over Christmas break. “My mom had her grandkids do a talent show for her (she’s an adorable grandma). I tried to put as many pencils as possible in it for my ‘talent.’ I got over 20. Needless to say, my mother was very proud.”

Since then, they’ve been sharing the photos with their fans on Tumblr and Instagram. The best part is that, judging by their Tumblr, they take requests – so check them out and see if you can’t come up with the next thing to go in Pierce’s beard!

They’re the latest example of the internet’s long-standing obsession with beards. If you’ve caught the bug as well, it’s also well worth checking outMr. Incredibeard, who styles his beard into weird and awesome designs, going so far as to eat soup from his beard.

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Guy Puts Household Objects In His Beard originally appeared on Bored Panda.