Artist Randy Ortiz has been tantalizing the eyes of illustration fans for years, illuminating concert and movie posters both professionally and as creative tasks for a great imagination. While past work emphasized ink line work and detailed black and white charcoal drawings, recent work has become more colorful, with flat background colors which perhaps surprisingly emphasize the darker thematic weight in the mystical figures and composition.

The self-taught Canadian artist uses evolved techniques to illicit a near-Surrealistic response from his often-human figures, draped in masterfully rendered drapery and fabrics. Despite the often serious undertones immediately noticeable in his work, the obvious sense of humor is evident (mutant visual remixes of Drake’s oft-mocked album cover seen below for example). In other works hooded figures clamor over each other, all reaching for a disembodied hand holding a small heart talisman representing love, or mystical-triangle-eyed cats eye floating balls of string. With Ortiz’s visual narratives and painting style evolving at a rapid pace, he is definitely ahead of other illustrator/artist to watch.

tumblr_mvrjtgLLt61qfgn95o1_500 10161735664_1f560415db_z 10161836775_b518e6a182_c 10161966883_665e1c2b92_c 10161966963_ff7f23a16e_z Boots18x24Small_905 tumblr_myox0xqYrF1qfgn95o1_500 1185333_659781694045967_1878538435_n tumblr_mpyci8MdJ81qfgn95o8_r1_500 969779_642037299153740_2108913590_n 1688086_744014392289363_92581178_n JillSq_large,Randy Ortiz’s Mutant Drake Covers And Other Surreal Wonders appeared first on Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design.