“Ideas win today in our society. […] I ingest, then digest. Art is really just a mirror of ourselves.”

A truthful quote that Desire Obtain Cherish  (DOC) aka Jonathan Paul takes into account while conceptualizing his body of work. The pop sculptor, obviously influenced by Jeff Koons and Andy Warhol, combines street, pop, conceptual and appropriation art in order to create sculptural pieces that explore contemporary society’s ever-growing obsessions:  sex, gender, drugs, commerce, media and fame.

Desire’s kitschy, yet critical work exposes “society’s inability to control itself as it examines the commercial promise of fulfillment and happiness that ends in dependency.” DOC employs an exaggerated and sarcastic outlook that might come off as cleaver but pretentious and judgmental, but never in a bad way. New Yorker art critic Benjamin Genocchio characterized DOC’s work as “not malicious [..] He is more like our social conscience, delivering up uncomfortable and unpleasant truths wrapped in the most beautiful and seductive of packages.”

Although a conventional artist in paper, DOC deviates from the stereotypical standards of “good taste” in art as his ideas are more in line with contemporary commerce and marketing methods rather than traditional artisan methods. (via ARTNAU)

Desire-Obtain-Cherish_17-565x565 Desire-Obtain-Cherish_01-565x423 Desire-Obtain-Cherish_20-565x659 Desire-Obtain-Cherish_10-565x423 Desire-Obtain-Cherish_15-565x315 DOC-Studio19-653x870-565x752 Desire-Obtain-Cherish_03-565x624 Desire-Obtain-Cherish_16-565x580 Desire-Obtain-Cherish_18-565x565 Desire-Obtain-Cherish_19-565x565Desire Obtain Cherish’s Sculptures Explore Our Obsession With Consumerism, Fame, And Luxury appeared first onBeautiful/Decay Artist & Design.