When her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, the photographer Isa Leshko faced the prospect of her own aging process and ultimately her own death; in refusing to photograph her family during that time, she retreated to farms where elderly animals were housed and photographed them for her series Elderly Animals. Many were rescued from factory farms where they had been genetically modified, abused, and they were therefore facing premature death; others were part of their caregiver’s families and always had been. Like she would with a human subject, the artist spent hours with her subjects, communing with them on straw beds and sometimes visiting them multiple times.

In the iconic Camera Lucida, Roland Barthes meditates on the poignancy of photographic memory, writing, “Whether or not the subject is already dead, every photograph is this catastrophe.” The well-seen photograph fixes a moment within the space between light and shadow, reminding viewers that the exact instant pictured can never be recreated. In her rich black and white tones, Leshko realizes the potential of her camera to make permanent her elderly bestial subjects, and in the process of remembering each creature, the viewer is forced to recognize his or her eventual death.

The artist writes in her artist’s statement, “I have come to realize that these images are self-portraits,” uniting the living, the aged, and the deceased under a single canopy of mortal experience. Within the glimmers of the blind bovine eyes, the bare bones of the rooster wings, the grey snouts and balding patches of fur, we might all recognize what we must someday leave behind, and we are forced to search for what remains within Leshko’s thoughtful frame. (via HuffPost)

2014-01-13-LESHKO_01EA 2014-01-13-LESHKO_04EA 2014-01-13-LESHKO_19EA 2014-01-13-LESHKO_20EA 2014-01-13-LESHKO_11EA 2014-01-13-LESHKO_17EA 2014-01-13-LESHKO_10EA 2014-01-13-LESHKO_08EA 2014-01-13-LESHKO_07EA 2014-01-13-LESHKO_06EA 2014-01-13-LESHKO_03EA 2014-01-13-LESHKO_05EA 2014-01-13-LESHKO_02EAHeartbreaking, Beautiful Images Of Elderly Animals appeared first on Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design.