Artist Victor Nunes combines every-day objects with simple illustrations to turn them into pictures of faces, animals and other playful scenes. His images invite us to look at the world differently and find creative images in our surroundings.

Nunes’ art is a great example of pareidolia, which is our propensity to give meaning to random objects (like in this post about seeing faces in random objects). It’s the reason why we associate a smiley face with a human face and why some of Nunes’ pieces of popcorn or bread resemble faces to us.

It’s a very natural reaction to have, and it’s a fun creative spark to run with. Quite a few artists have created similar works where they explore the things that they see in everyday objects – Tineke Merink photographs random locations and adds illustrations to them, and Javier Perez does the same with smaller objects.

Source: Facebook (via: twentytwowords)

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