This aerodynamic tube office, designed by Spanish architects Jose Selgas and Lucia Cano, allows its workers to feel as though they’re working in the middle of a picturesque Spanish forest.

Half of the office, which the two architects designed for their architecture firm Selgascano, is dug into the ground in a forest outside of Madrid. This ensures that the office stays cool even during the hot Spanish summers.

A long window that curves up to the ceiling runs along the length of the office and eliminates the need for artificial lighting during the day. This window is also attached to a hinge and pulley mechanism that allows it to open up and keep the building ventilated. The other half of the building features an insulated fiberglass wall that helps shade the office’s workers from direct sunlight.

The office building’s sunken floor, along with the large and unusual window, means that employees sitting at their desks have an eye-level view of the forest floor. This, combined with the view of the forest on one side and the sky above, make it seem like the office must be a fairly relaxing place to work. Imagine working every day in a sustainable building surrounded by a beautiful forest!

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Office In Madrid Lets Employees Feel Like They’re Working in the Woods originally appeared on Bored Panda.