Cuban artist Erik Ravelo is known for his ability to confront the difficult and taboo directly by presenting fearless, visually provocative work (previously featured for his Los Intocables, or The Untouchables, series here). Lana Sutra (combining the Spanish word ‘Lana’ meaning ‘Wool’ and ‘Sutra’, which means the thread which connects us) takes the idea of these strings – love, humanity, sexuality – and displays them literally, binding human forms together in intense colored poses. “I’m a human being and I don’t believe in borders. I think the world belongs to everyone born on Earth. This is my planet, our planet. No man is an island. Yes, I was born on Cuba but, above all, I was born on Planet Earth. I like to think that Lana Sutra talks about universal love which cancels diversity.”

Schermata-01-2455938-alle-16.41 Schermata-01-2455938-alle-16.56 Schermata-01-2455938-alle-16.37 Schermata-01-2455938-alle-16.45 Schermata-01-2455938-alle-16.42 Schermata-01-2455938-alle-16.40 one Schermata-01-2455938-alle-16.44 Schermata-01-2455938-alle-16.391 Schermata-01-2455938-alle-16.421 Schermata-01-2455938-alle-16.431 Schermata-01-2455938-alle-16.54 Schermata-01-2455938-alle-16.43 Schermata-01-2455938-alle-16.46 Schermata-01-2455938-alle-16.48 Schermata-01-2455938-alle-16.55 Schermata-01-2455938-alle-16.57Created during his residency at Italian communication research and artistic grant center Fabrica (connected with clothing brand United Colors of Benneton), Ravelo began Lana Sutra by guiding models to pose together, and then casting these poses in plaster. The plaster mannequins were then covered in yarn (in the fall colors of the Benneton line), with separate colored threads from each mannequin being bound together in Kama Sutra positions. Bursting with color, the fifteen installations of present a completely unbiased version of humanity, no longer separated by race, religion, creed or sexuality, and merely bound by our shared humanity. (via

Soft Core – Erik Ravelo’s Kama Sutra Inspired Figurative Installations appeared first on Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design.