Beadist Jan Huling has a remarkable talent taking simple items and making them extraordinary with her beautiful beading technique.

In each of my constructions, surface design is the key component. Czech seed beads adorn objects in colorful patterns, camouflaging their original circumstance, allowing us to see them as pure form without their usual connotations. The process is slow and meticulous, zen-like, with the choice of forms motivating color schemes and iconography. Certain themes continue to resonate for me. The dolls I frequently include in my constructions explore dreams of childhood while removing them from the realm of cherished playthings. For me, musical instruments represent the lyrical joy that music imparts to our lives and hearkens back to youthful dreams of virtuosity. Birds, in their quicksilver beauty, represent ultimate freedom.

Beaded-Anjelica Beaded-Blythe Beaded-Puck Beaded-Snake Beaded-Bambi Beaded-Globe

video via Galfromdownunder
images via Jan Huling
via 2headedsnakeVisual News