Under the name Scorpion Dagger, British artist James Kerr creates digital gif collages, mainly from northern and early Renaissance paintings. Kerr combines this imagery with images from popular culture, resulting in absurd and humorous animations.

“What I hope people feel/experience when they see one of my GIFs is something of both an amused reaction, and that of wanting to look at art differently…I love looking at images and imagining them differently. Essentially, you know that question where people ask ‘What do you see in that painting?’ Well, this is kind of that but expressed through an animated GIF.” (via the daily dot)

scorpiondaggergif11 scorpiondaggergif4 scorpiondaggergif12 scorpiondaggergif13 scorpiondaggergif10 scorpiondaggergif9 scorpiondaggergif8 scorpiondaggergif7 scorpiondaggergif6 scorpiondaggergif5 scorpiondaggergif3scorpiondaggergif2James Kerr’s Humorous And Naughty Renaissance Collaged Gif Animations appeared first on Beautiful/Decay.