Jessica Stoller‘s porcelain sculptures exaggerate the objectification of female bodies using 18th century French aesthetics. Through the medium of clay, Stoller sculpts fluid and grotesque shapes, emphasizing the lack of boundaries between bodies and other materialist images related to consumption. She embellishes this unsettling bodily abundance with a soft, feminine, candy and ice-cream color palette and opulent adornments. These figures are often erotically or mythically charged.This creates an experience of surreal bodily and material abjection for the viewer, while addressing cultural concerns about the control of the feminine body. Stoller’s work, “Spoil,” is currently on view at PPOW Gallery in New York until February 8. (via hi fructose)

stollerceramics7 stollerceramics4 stollerceramics8 stollerceramics6 stollerceramics stollerceramics12 stollerceramics3 stollerceramics2 stollerceramics11 stollerceramics16 stollerceramics15 stollerceramics14 stollerceramics9 stollerceramics5 stollerceramics13Jessica Stoller’s Porcelain Sculptures Exaggerate Feminine Objectification (NSFW) appeared first on Beautiful/Decay.