Stockholm-based Anders Krisár is interested in exploring issues surrounding the human body.  Employing realistic casts of body parts Krisár then modifies them.  He imbues typical torsos, arms or faces with atypical assets and surreal qualities that are at once quiet and horrific, striking and bizarre.

krisar01 ak1 krisar10 ANDERS_KRIS_R_hhf6 ak6 krisar02 krisar04 krisar09 krisar12Evoking a sense of how fragile the human body is, Krisár’s forms stir up feelings of discomfort.  Unnatural, ridiculous and sometimes even violent, the sculptures are so successfully disturbing because they are so meticulously executed. Rendered exactly and simply—skin looks like skin, body parts almost appear to be moving and breathing— Krisár’s works are convincing.  But at second glance there is always something distinctly wrong.  Torsos are freakishly imprinted, headless or morphed.  Bodies are severed, separated or broken. Krisár’s works thus become visual representations of the unfeasible.  This un-reality gives the pieces a psychological edge.

Beyond the challenge of confronting the bizarre so perfectly portrayed Krisár incorporates ideas of splitting, mirroring and twinning, which are frequent themes in psychoanalysis.  Erie yet captivating this psychological aspect gives Krisár’s work the ability to be emotional.  Though the work has a quiet quality, its effects are powerful.  A viewer’s sense of certainty is challenged and replaced with insecurity, question and an overall awareness that what we know only scratches the surface of what is possible.

Anders Krisár’s Surreal Sculptures Dissects Bodies And Puts Them Back Together Again appeared first on Beautiful/Decay.