Dylan Shields, an artist based in London, creates sculptures that investigate the relationship between classical sculpture and contemporary materials.

Dylan-Shields_01-565x847 gravity_Center__resize_3000_0_M__crop_3000_0__801-565x378 gravity_Center__resize_3000_0_M__crop_3000_0__80-565x850 Dylan-Shields_06-565x376 Dylan-Shields_11-565x847 Dylan-Shields_04-565x847 Dylan-Shields_22-565x848 Dylan-Shields_02-565x847 Dylan-Shields_03-565x847The sculptures further explore and build upon the existent relationship between canonical works of art (in this case and its contexts within modern society by creating them out of cardboard, a relatively new (ish) material in the realm of art-making. He uses re-cycled cardboard and parcel tape to produce work that is at both familiar yet fresh by its original use of form and perspective.

“It has been a process of trial and error to perfect my style. One of the challenges of working with cardboard is the limitation of its flexibility. Also, sourcing the right colors has been difficult as I don’t paint the sculptures, so the colors have to come from the cardboard.”

(via ARTNAU and Junk Culture)

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