Megan Van Groll paints women– mediating on the fine line between nakedness and nudity, or how these two concepts relate to freedom or identity. Likewise, from bathing in cocoa puffs to sensually brawling at a donut shop, her food motif is an interesting one, often working in tandem with the female form– provoking thoughts of fetish from the outside, but also, a much more personal and complicated binging ceremony.

Of her own craft, Groll states, “My narrative portraits of women are, at their core, a painted attempt to understand and portray how modern women create identity and meaning from the world around them. I am interested in exploring the way we perform our projected ideal personas, for ourselves and for others.”

Bakery-Brawl-saved-for-web 2008-Pastries-edited 2008-Cocoa-Puffs-edited 2011-My-Intentions-Unfold-with-Ease-edited-crop Meat-Market-edited-for-web subway UnderArrestMeganVanGroll (2007 Nude-Self-Portrait-at-the-Sidewalk-Cafe-edited)via