cao-hui-sofa_collabcubedcao-hui-sculpture-02Cao-Hui-3Cao-Hui-10cao-hui-art-38312191532_2c2e73492d_z8312191072_9121eb153c_z 8311141097_1af1eef8aa_o 8312190694_bcccc66c89_z cao-hui-sculpture-10 cao-hui-sculpture-09 CaoHui31 56Cao Hui‘s ultra realistic sculptures manage to be intriguing while stomach turning.  Cao sculpts every day objects such as furniture or clothing as if from butchered flesh and innards.  His strict attention to detail can be seen from the entrails spilling out of a slashed cushion to a couple swollen armrest stitches.  Though constructed from resin, his artwork appears to bulge, droop, and tear much like actual flesh.  Cao juxtaposes inside and outside, essence and appearance in a very literal (albeit gory) manner.  While disturbing, Cao effectively executes his work with a certain dark humor.