Barcelona-based artist Jaume Montserrat has created “Emptyland,” a series of illustrations featuring hollow animals intertwined with one another. According to iGNANT, Montserrat found inspiration for the collection when he fell asleep on a flight home from South America, and dreamt of living on an island for 29 days with a number of strange animals.

On this island, there was only one animal from each specimen (kind of like Noah’s Ark). All of them were empty, asexual, and immortal. They didn’t need to hunt, nor were they scared of being hunted – so there was a perfect symbiosis.

Prints of the series are available to purchase online from Art Troop.

20131216-12213117-1 20131216-12213117-2 20131216-12213117-3 20131216-12213117-4images via Jaume Montserrat

via Art Fucks MeiGNANT