Fashion and the Internet have collided spectacularly in this series of awesome embroidered cat shirts by Japanese embroidery artist Hiroko Kubota. The cute kitties, embroidered with great skill and detail, are an unexpected and interesting manifestation of the Internet’s obsession with cats.

In an interview with, Kubota explained that the idea for these shirts happened to come from her son. Because he is of a smaller build, most store-bought clothes wouldn’t fit him, so she often found herself having to make him clothing. At her son’s request, she also began embroidering the shirts with cats, mostly peeking out from the breast pocket.

After posting pictures of the shirts online, they went viral The majority of her shirts have already sold out, $250-300 price tag notwithstanding. As an excellent embroiderer, she has a ton of other great non-cat-related works as well, all of which can be found on her Etsy store.

Source: Hiroko Kubota | Etsy | Flickr (via: thisiscolossal, spoon-tamago)

cats-embroidered-on-shirts-hiroko-kubota-16 cats-embroidered-on-shirts-hiroko-kubota-5 cats-embroidered-on-shirts-hiroko-kubota-4 cats-embroidered-on-shirts-hiroko-kubota-1 cats-embroidered-on-shirts-hiroko-kubota-2 cats-embroidered-on-shirts-hiroko-kubota-6 cats-embroidered-on-shirts-hiroko-kubota-3 cats-embroidered-on-shirts-hiroko-kubota-15 cats-embroidered-on-shirts-hiroko-kubota-12 cats-embroidered-on-shirts-hiroko-kubota-10 cats-embroidered-on-shirts-hiroko-kubota-11Embroidered Cat Shirts By Hiroko Kubota Go Viral And Sell Like Hot Cakes originally appeared on Bored Panda