Foster City, California-based Jill Watt of the blog Dapper Toad collaborated with her sister Lorna of Knits For Life to create this amazing “Yarnbomb Squid Tree.” They covered a big Magnolia tree using four miles total of mostly blue yarn in San Mateo, California and made it look like a giant squid (complete with a very cool “trapped” crocheted goldfish). Lorna, an artist-in-residence for the Downtown San Mateo Association, wrote up a great post on how she and her sister conceived of, designed, and then created the “Yarnbomb Squid Tree.” Jill reports that it took 20 hours on a sweater machine to make enough to cover the tree and that it took them 14 hours to install it, in 91°F weather!

squid-1 squid-2 squid-3 squid-4 squid-5 squid-6Lorna reports on the design process:

While measuring the tree for some simple “trunk cozies”, we took a step back and let our imaginations run. It went something like this:

“What does this magnolia look like?”
“This branch kinda looks like an elephant trunk already.”
“Maybe something more fun like a monster.”
“Or a squid monster!”
“Turn the best eight branches into tentacles?”
“And big eyeballs!”
“With fish in the tree trying to escape!”

images via Dapper Toad

(via Laughing Squid)