French photographer Benoit Courti‘s work has enjoyed a surge of popularity online as more and more people encounter his simple, elegant and striking photographs. Courti‘s photography covers a wide spectrum of subjects, but most of his pictures retain a powerful intimacy with their subjects, especially his portraits. He is the consummate fine arts photographer, seeming to be equally comfortable with both black and white and color, but it is probably his black and white work that captures our attention most. It is gritty, dark, intimate and beautiful.

What may frustrate or motivate the amateur photographers among our readers is that Courti only fully embraced professional photography in 2010. He had an interest in it since childhood, but had been working as a music composer before making the switch.

Now he has a personal website where he sells his prints. He can also be found on Facebook.

Source: Benoit Courti

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Captivating Black And White Photography From French Photographer Benoit Courti originally appeared on Bored Panda