Artist’s Face—Ballons is a playful portrait series by artist Laurina Paperina that blends human bodies with balloon heads. The project, which includes Frida Kahlo, Cindy Sherman, Joseph Kosuth, and even Paperina herself, creatively interprets each artist based on a combination of appearance and artistic style. Set within a studio, a bedroom, or against a blank wall, each unconventional image features a figure holding up a large balloon face covered with an artist-specific illustration.

In the thoughtful collection, Paperina visually conveys personalities by highlighting recognizable details from each person’s career and blending them naturally into the unique balloon designs and backgrounds. Much of her work involves witty commentary on current events, however, she does so in a whimsical way because her bio states: “She doesn’t want to make serious art!”

LaurinaPaperina1 LaurinaPaperina2 LaurinaPaperina3 LaurinaPaperina5 LaurinaPaperina6 LaurinaPaperina7 LaurinaPaperina8 LaurinaPaperina10 LaurinaPaperina11 LaurinaPaperina12 LaurinaPaperina13 LaurinaPaperina14 LaurinaPaperina15 LaurinaPaperina4via CollabCubed, My Modern Metropolis