magical-contamination-by-antoine-bridier-nahmias-designboom-01 magical-contamination-by-antoine-bridier-nahmias-designboom-02 magical-contamination-by-antoine-bridier-nahmias-designboom-03 magical-contamination-by-antoine-bridier-nahmias-mould-art-designboom-04 magical-contamination-by-antoine-bridier-nahmias-mould-art-designboom-05 magical-contamination-by-antoine-bridier-nahmias-mould-art-designboom-06 g1 g2 g4 g7 g5 g3 g8 g6Antoine Bridier-Nahmias has taken to photographing his fungus-centric creations and posting them all on a wonderfully weird blog, Magical Contamination.

There’s something fascinating about the grey matter which exists between “naturally occurring gross shit” and organic-inspired art, but his petri-dishes do, weirdly, hold some kind of creative power. Although Antoine insists that his interest in his experiments is purely aesthetic, they do hold a kind of intrigue to the biochemics out there. “Why is that one blue?” “What are they?” and “How did this one get so big?” are just a few of the questions he has kindly responded to on his blog, where you can see the creations in a whole rainbow of colourful guises. Disgusting? Yes, but I defy you not to exclaim, “urgh, but look at that one!” while gazing on in wonder.

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