Cuban artist Erik Ravelo’s “The Untouchables” seeks to speak for those abused children around the world who cannot properly articulate their pain by displaying them in a vulnerable position that strikes home for millions of us – the crucifix.

His series brings to light many of the different forms and situations in which child abuse can present itself, some of which many of us may not have even thought of. He places the children at the forefront of issues such as food consumption, healthcare, military aggression, nuclear catastrophes, sexual abuse within the Catholic Church, and religion.

Ravelo wants to show us that the sick and twisted games that adults play can come at a huge and misunderstood cost to future generations. The sub-headline of his provocative series, „The Right to Childhood Should Be Protected,” addresses the responsibility that adults have towards children. „The Untouchables“ is a glaring critique of the world’s disregard for our children’s safety and wellbeing.


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