IAN_STRANGE_SUBURBAN_PROJECT_HOUSE_ARTWORK2_Harvard-Street-640x427 IAN_STRANGE_SUBURBAN_PROJECT_HOUSE_ARTWORK3_Lake-Rd-640x418 IAN_STRANGE_SUBURBAN_suburbanproject_Still_From_Film_kidzooom_artfilm_ngv_2013-640x361 Ian-Strange-Suburban-exhibition-designboom-021For the past two years artist Ian Strange traveled the U.S. transforming seven suburban homes into art installations for his series, “Suburban.” For some of the installations, Strange turned the houses into giant canvases, covering everything from windows to chimneys in a thick coat of paint. One installation involved burning a house to the ground. The series was documented in photos and film and will be exhibited at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, July 27 to September 15, 2013.

images courtesy of ian strange

via designboom