Sam Jinks’ inclusion in Personal Structures: Time, Space, Existence, a collateral event of the 55th Venice Biennale.

Held at the Palazzo Bembo, 70 metres from the Rialto Bridge, between 1 June – 24 November 2013 and curated by the Global Art Affairs Foundation, this exhibition will bring together an extraordinary combination of established and emerging artists all drawn together with a common dedication to the concepts of Time, Space and Existence.

Sam Jinks’ sculptural work sustains the briefest and often most private moments in time, inviting the viewer to become the voyeur. Emotional vulnerability is both the subject and result of his work, allowing the audience a rare opportunity to examine in close proximity the ordinary, imperfect and unidealised body of another. For Jinks, his works are not literal representations where realism is the sought outcome, but instead use hyper-realism as a mechanism to create an intimacy with the viewer that is impossible outside of private relationships and clinical environments.

Jinks uses themes of old and new to suggest unrealized potential: the figures are frozen in time, simultaneously at the beginning and end of life. This can be interpreted either as a melancholy reflection of loss, or as the experience of generations standing together with the awareness of life cycles and different stages of development. His hyper-real sculptures have been described as ‘poignantly beautifull’ as his works create a dialogue on both a technical and emotional level through a strong sensitivity to detail. Created from silicone, fiberglass, resin, calcium carbonate and human hair these works contain a profound sense of vulnerability and are remarkable in their striking portrayal of the human condition.



Collateral Event

55. Venice Biennale, Italy 2013


Bogdan Rata (Ramania) was proposed within the project Personal Structures by the curator Cosmin Nasui and he is a participating artist in the project. Organisator: Nasui collection & Galery, Sponsor: Herczeg Foudation, With the support of Romanian Cultural Institute Venice


Chul Hyun Ahn (KOR), Yoshitaka Amano (JPN), Alice Anderson (GBR), Jan-Erik Andersson (FIN), Axel Anklam (DEU), Yifat Bezalel (ISR), Djawid Borower (DEU), Faiza Butt (PAK), Mimmo Catania (ITA), Chen Ping (CHN), Canal Cheong Jagerroos (CHN), Genia Chef (KAZ), Karlyn De Jongh (NLD), Scott Eady (NZL), Toshikatsu Endo (JPN), Carole Feuerman (USA), Cristiana Fioretti (ITA), Dale Frank (AUS), Chris Fraser (USA), Marc Fromm (DEU), Sally Gabori (AUS), Jakob Gasteiger (AUT), Darryn George (NZL), Selby Ginn (AUS), David Goldenberg (GBR), Gotthard Graubner (DEU), Kimberley Gundle (ZAF), Laura Gurton (USA), Patrick Hamilton (CHL), Anne Herzblut (DEU), Per Hess (NOR), The Icelandic Love Corporation (ISL), Hirofumi Isoya (JPN), Sam Jinks (AUS), Grzegorz Klatka (POL), Mehdi-Georges Lahlou (FRA), James Lavadour (USA), Helmut Lemke (DEU), Luce (LTU), Heinz Mack (DEU), Michele Manzini (ITA), Christopher Martin (USA), Christian Meger (CHE), Herre Methorst (NLD), David Middlebrook (USA), Atelier Morales (CUB), Peter Simon Mühlhäußer (DEU), Hermann Nitsch (AUT), Yoko Ono (JPN), Roman Opalka (FRA), Otto Piene (DEU), Triny Prada (FRA), Qin Chong (CHN), Stefanus Rademeyer (ZAF), Nicola Rae (GBR), Arnulf Rainer (AUT), Bogdan Rata (ROU), Thomas Riess (AUT), Rene Rietmeyer (NLD), Yhonnie Scarce (AUS), Wilhelm Scherübl (AUT), Dmitry Shorin (RUS), Nitin Shroff (IND), Monika Thiele (DEU), Michele Tombolini (ITA), Stefan Toth (CZE), Suh Jeong Min (KOR), VALIE EXPORT (AUT), Elena & Vitaliy Vasiliev (UKR), Ben Vautier (FRA), Raphael Vella (MLT), André Wagner (DEU), Xing Xin (CHN), Plamen Yordanov (BGR), Zhang Yu (CHN).

Jinks’ work can be found in various public collections that include: the Kiran Nader Museum of Art, Delhi, India and the Museo Escultura Figurativa Internacional Contemporaenea (MEFIC), Portugal. In Australia his work is included in the Royal Melbourne Institute of Techonology Collection, Victoria, McClelland Gallery + Sculpture Park, Victoria and Shepparton Art Gallery, Victoria, in addition to various private collections within Australia and internationally.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body. Thank you to those who have already supported including AbaF, Dr Terry Wu and other wonderful anonymous donors.

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