As part of Lamborghini’s 50th anniversary celebration, last weekend the Italian automaker unveiled the Egoista concept, a one-seat supercar with an outlandish look inspired by aircraft design. The Egoista (“Selfish” in Italian) features aluminum and carbon fiber construction, a 600 horsepower V10, and an aircraft-style cockpit that is individually tailored to the car’s owner. Lamborghini has no plans to produce the car, which might be just as well, given how difficult it is to get out of:

To get out of the vehicle, the driver must remove the steering wheel and rest it on the dashboard, open the dome with an electronic command, stand up in their seat, sit down on a precise point of the left-hand bodywork, then swivel their legs 180 degrees from the inside of the cockpit to the outside of the vehicle. At this point they can set their feet down and stand up. Even in getting out of the vehicle, the Lamborghini Egoista requires a pilot more than a driver, a real top gun.

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photos via Lamborghini

via Autoblog