Korean artist Young-Deok Seo never ceases to amaze us with his skilled ability to turn ordinary bicycle chains into extraordinary figurative sculptures. Through his construction the artist continues to comment on man’s disintegration into a mechanical universe by using a cold, hard material. Using the human form as his template, the accomplished sculptor mimics the intricate shape and curves of the human face, deep in thought, for his Meditation series.

Each of his figurative creations for this collection depicts a unique face in a moment of serene meditation. The intricately detailed visage of each large-scale structure is both meticulously sculpted and intriguingly fragmented. The disembodied heads are visually perceived as one entity despite the spaces purposely left between each chain link. From a distance, one sees only the perfect silhouette of the faces, but upon closer inspection the viewer is able to notice the textured and fragmented imperfections.

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