The geometrical universe of Cristian TODIÉ and his innovative new book form will be revealed at the 33rd annual Paris Book Fair (Salon du Livre de Paris).

The Todié Book features an original new circular shape whose cylindrical circumference reveals a continuous external image.

This living, playful, sculptural and inspiring new medium, ideal for managing new and original content, won’t disappear on a library shelf.

A creative new tool for managing and transmitting information, the Todié Book presents a new spatial alternative to the volumetric Codex (today’s book) that has dominated for over two thousand years after dethroning the continuous scroll.

Far from random inventions, the creation of each medium – plane, volumetric and spatial – corresponds to a particular moment in the history of humanity.

In much the same way the transformation from scroll to Codex changed how society approached knowledge acquisition, the transformation to the circular book will in turn influence how its content is perceived.

The age of quantum physics and relativity needed a spatial medium, a geometric medium, a mathematical object with secret passageways and space-time projections.

Ideal for the presentation of the most creative content, the Circular Book is about to take its place in the publishing world.

Cristian Todié, Romanian artist and inventor who has been living in Paris since 1975, will present this revolutionary new book at the 33rd annual Paris Book Fair on Saturday, March 23, 2013 at 7pm.  (Porte de Versailles, Pavillon 1, stand R78 “Focus on Romanian Litterature”)

To further exemplify the geometric nature of the “Circular Book”, the presentation will be accompanied by an artistic performance, the creation of a “Fractured Time Space.”