In the exhibition „Goldbach im Goldrausch?!“ we want to combine arts and politics with the help of Romanian artists and experts on the topic. The artists’ approach to the mining project will be exhibited at the Prima Center Gallery in Berlin Wedding. Their works reflect the current situation in Roşia Montană.

17 artists from Romania and Germany applied to our Call for Art and a jury selected 7 of them for the exhibition “Goldbach im Goldrausch?!”.  The selected artists are Ana Rusu, Andrada Luca, Ilisie Remus, Ana Popescu, Cristina Rotaru, Gabriela Ghircoias and Wonderboy.

The works vary between documentation, abstraction and staged photography. Curators: Airi Uuna and Anne Gebauer.

The exhibition will take place between 16th November and 28th November 2012. The Prima Center in Berlin Wedding is a gallery with a focus on Eastern European art. Artist and curator Jovan Balov is the director of the Prima Center Berlin.

Along with the exhibition there will be a film screening of the documentary „ Roşia Montană – A Town on the Brink“ by Fabian Daub. The activist Alina Banu will give an introduction to the topic.

Film screening and inauguration: 16th November, 18h.

Exhibition opening: 16th November, 20h.

Exhibition: 16th – 28th November.

Location: Prima Center Berlin, Biesentalerstr. 24, 13359 Berlin

About the photographs in the exhibition: the title of the series ONE STEP OUT

The photos present Romanian families breaking up with Rosia Montana, with their traditions, values, crafts, colors… and the wish to turn back time and keep the past close. They speak about human duality: the wish for comfort (the tasteless big houses of the capitalism) and the wish for identity (keeping all that defines them close: tradition, values etc.)

The title of the installation: THE GOLDEN SKULLS  – man in search of gold ignoring any pain, disease, any ruin of his own body, spirit or nature.

The pictures of the skulls are made after radiography films made in a Romanian hospital during 1993 – 1997 (it is written on them). The hospital throw them away and I took them because an idea for a project came up in my mind seeing them. I noticed later that the people who were filmed in the hospital were wearing earrings and necklace, which is now not accepted while they are doing this medical procedure because, is unhealthy. When I saw this, I thought about the illegalities and corruption of those times. Moreover, corruption and illegality goes on now when it comes to GOLD.