Fotograful german Andreas Mader traieste si lucreaza in Elvetia.  Artistul a participat la sectiunea Descubrimientos in cadrul Festivalul International de Fotografie PHOTOESPANA de la Madrid, in perioada 5-7 iunie 2012.

Photography carries the illusion that it can preserve the moment. But time is a continuum and whatever happens is embedded in it. All things, whether nameless, notable or significant.

In the series “Die Tage Das Leben (Days. Life)”, begun in 1988, I photograph my friends again and again. I watch them finding themselves and each other and separating and having children; how they are alone and with others; how they get older and take each other’s hands so they don’t get lost along the way. I think of them full of tenderness.

“Die Tage das Leben (Days. Life)” is available as a carefully produced book at:



Andreas Mader is born 1960 in Bamberg, Germany and lives in Winterthur, Switzerland.
He studied photography and book design at the University of Essen (Folkwang).
Solo Exhibitions: FHV Galerie Dornbirn (Austria) 2011, Städtische Galerie Iserlohn 2007, Galerie Nei Liicht Dudelange (Luxemburg) 2006, Münchner Stadtmuseum (City Museum of Munich) 1997.
His work is part of collections such as Photographic Collection of Museum Folkwang Essen and Photographic Collection of Münchner Stadtmuseum.