Fotograful   David Palacin este nascut la Léon, in Spaia in 1975. Artistul a participat la ectiunea Descubrimientos in cadrul Festivalul International de Fotografie PHOTOESPANA de la Madrid, in perioada 5-7 iunie 2012.


Nanga Deff is the way of greeting in Wolof (Senegalese) and Nanga Deff Gorée is a project of production, exhibition and dissemination of the most tragic, sad and neglected history suffered on the African continent.  The island of Gorée was for more than three centuries the place of the most important slave market.  Millions of people were abducted from their villages in Africa and sold as slaves from the island.  Gorée, was once called The Island of No Return; anyone who left the island for the Americas would never come back.  This project aims to make a trip; the original trip to the Americas and also the return trip.  The first phase consists of a series of portraits taken on the island in 2011 where you can see the people who currently live in Gorée; a fisherman, a sculptor, a tour guide, a teacher, a firefighter, a child…  The idea is to make the trip that their ancestors were forced to make, displaying this work and telling their story in the Caribbean, Brazil and the United States. Once there, decedents of these slaves will be photographed.  And to complete the journey, the American portraits will be exhibited and this way symbolically return to Gorée, to Africa.