Fotograful  David de la Cruztraieste si lucreaza in Spania si Italia. Artistul a participat la ectiunea Descubrimientos in cadrul Festivalul International de Fotografie PHOTOESPANA de la Madrid, in perioada 5-7 iunie 2012.

David de la Cruz prezinta povestea unei comunitati de nomazi din Maroc.

Morocco is a barren land extending up to the most northwestern point of Africa. One occident, one poetry, the journey of a beveled edge of the African  continent which, starting from the desert, reaches and gets across the Atlas mountains,  getting to the waters, the Mediterranean sea to the north and the Atlantic Ocean south from Gibraltar.

In this place lives one of the most ancient populations of humanity: the Imazighen. A nomad population which, having a symbiotic relationship with the poorest and most inaccessible areas of the planet, has been able to preserve a history of 10000 years, the ancestral idiom “Tamazigh”, strongly repressed in the past by various monarchs and, not least, life itself in adverse conditions.

During the summer season they install themselves on the Atlas uplands, while they go downhill during the winter season they are committed to sheep breeding, which is their main, if not only, provider of sustenance.

This work wants to focus on the symbiotic relationship that these nomads have with their land. In fact, it is the land altogether, with its alternating desert and mountain landscape, which becomes the mirror of the amazitgh tribe and viceversa.

The nomad’s steadiness is the steadiness of places. Within these two faces of the same essence, the eight diptychs we see, represent the mean through which it can be explored among the continuous references to man and landscape.

From this point of view the rocks, stones constricted under the sun without any shelter and flattered by thousands of years of winds, seas and clashes, become some sort of a bound parallel for the little men of the tribe, who shall found within themselves the strength and responsibility to be able to guarantee the future of their community.

Keeping the plants with their flowers, luminous samples of rareness and beauty in a place where water is extremely scarce, they become the beauty of young women, mothers to be, continuous hope which has ensured and will keep ensuring such a longevous history.

At last the adults, embedded in an all-embracing identification with the surrounding landscape. It almost seems as the whole spatial and temporal width of their origins could be seized from them.

This people end up being their own surroundings, reflecting its strength, endurance and wideness by comprising the secret of a millenary tradition, which is far from being arid.



David de la Cruz was born in Madrid, at the moment He is working between Italy and Spain,

He graduated in Photography at the IEFC in Barcelona and has attended many specialization courses and workshops.

He works as a freelance photographer and realizes documentaristic projects. In his last works he has been searching for the often thin bonds between man and environment, the way man shapes or is shaped by it.

He exposes his works in collective and individual exhibitions in galleries, museums and art events.

He has been nominated as “Descubrimientos Photoespaña” at the festival Photoespaña 2012. He is among the finalists for the Blurb 2011,In 2010 two honorable mentions in International photo awards “ipa” category People-Children and People – Portrait category for the winning entry “Nomads”, and Strip Art 2009 competitions.