Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow

Opening: September 20 at 19.00

Curators: Olga Sviblova

Organizers: Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow

Artists: German Titov

The project is presented in three sections. First comes a reconstruction of the exhibition-action ‘The Golden Hand and Other Objects’. The second section is a series of works that could be characterised as an ‘existential video’. The third part is an action video: charting the formation of a mysterious sculpture in the case of ‘The Disappearance of White Circles’; an utopian attempt to save with the aid of disguise in the field of mass consciousness the projection of a musical instrument – a real model of a piano – in ‘Camouflage’; and the creation of an abstract-expressionist painting with the aid of burning plastic and wind in ‘Projection of a Burning Owl’.

Photo credits: Cosmin Năsui