M’ARS Center for Contemporary Arts

Curators: Nataliya Kamenetskaya

Idea: Maria Chuykova

Organizer: CCA M’ARS

RSUH Museum Center, Director Irina Bakanova
The INO Creative Lab


  • Tania Antoshina
  • Sergei Bugaev (Africa)
  • Maria Chuykova
  • Marina Chernikova
  • Elena Elagina
  • Igor Makarevich
  • TOTART (Natalia Abalakova, Anatoly Zhigalov)
  • Nataliya Kamenetskaya
  • Svetlana K-Lie
  • Marina Koldobskaya
  • Marina Lyubaskina
  • МishМash (Misha Leykin, Masha Sumnina)
  • Marina Mozgovenko
  • Anastasia Nelyubina
  • Andrei Prigov
  • RD Sisters (Umit Bek, Olesya Alekseyeva)
  • Aidan Salakhova
  • Ekaterina Sysoeva
  • Natasha Tsitiashvili
  • Natalia Turnova
  • Oleg Tyrkin
  • Olga Jürgenson

Scientific discoveries, technological progress, and shifts in political and ethical visions alter human consciousness and lives. Wars of large scale on the ground and in virtual reality, overexposed private lives, implanted microchips, accelerated particles, and frozen embryos all provoke us to think of great changes, and that future has arrived.

This art exhibition is dedicated to contemplation of the future, formatted by artists through the language of art. Participants explore such themes as environmental changes, human nature, consequences of scientific progress, human activity, or noninterference. Most of participating artists create their own parallel sciences – an approach which the artist Andrey Prigov called ‘scientific autism’.

Nataliya Kamenetskaya