Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow
13 september 2011 — 30 october 2011

In the frame of the Year Russia – Italy

Curators: Nanda Vigo, Alberto Podio


  • Lucio Fontana
  • Alberto Biasi
  • Agostino Bonalumi
  • Davide Boriani
  • Enrico Castellani
  • Gianni Colombo
  • Dadamaino
  • Gabrielen De Vecchi
  • Francesco Lo Savio
  • Piero Manzoni
  • Manfredo Massironi
  • Bruno Munari
  • Paolo Scheggi
  • Nanda Vigo
  • Gruppo N

Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow / Museum “Moscow House of Photography”
Italian Institute of Culture in Moscow
G.L.O.W. Platform

Supported by: Volksvagen, Novatek

A key moment in the development of contemporary art is examined as part of the project: the formation of various independent artistic groups that evolved in Italy during the exhibition GRUPPO ZERO AND ITALIAN AVANT-GARDE OF THE 1960s analyses the creative relations which united major players in the art scene, during the most striking period of 20th-century Italian art.

An inherent part of the exhibition is educational potential, thanks to the inclusion of archive materials (documents, manifestos, photographs), as well as various sections that reveal creative and personal relations between the most significant artists of postwar Italy.

Photo: Cosmin Năsui