Gabriel Saplonțai & Lucian Hotoiu were born in different towns in Transilvania, Romania. They never met while being at home but somehow they ran into each other, few years ago, in Brussels, where the two are currently living. The fact that both have a technical formation, created some sort of void inside them which they tried to fill through visual content. Everything was not in vain and the visuality changed their existence and constitutes now, a lifestyle. They met more interesting people, experienced new things and what is the most important, they grew as individuals. With time, the terms artist and photographer started to sound overused and meaningless in their ears and as a consequence they don’t think of themselves as being either of that. Up to this point, they just try to express themselves visually, through photography.

Few pictures from viflaim costumes will be exhibited at Art Truc Troc on 27-29 January at Bozar, Brussels.