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ArteEast is pleased to announce the release of the winter 2012 edition of ArteEast Quarterly, an online publication that offers readers a critical forum for contemporary artistic practices in the Middle East, North Africa and their diaspora. Consisting of 3 sections—ArteZine, Shahadat and Gallery—ArteEast Quarterly complements ArteEast live programs to serve its global audience.

Guest Editor: Aaron Cezar

The Winter 2012 issue of ArteZine celebrates the launch of ArteEast’s Residencies Initiative: In this quarter’s ArteZine, Residencies, guest editor Aaron Cezar (Delfina Foundation) assembles a rich selection of contributors to offer a nuanced perspective on art residencies in the MENA region, United Kingdom and internationally. It includes a global analysis of residency programs available to MENA artists by experts Todd Lester (founder, freeDimensional), Aneta Szyłak (Director, Wyspa Institute of Art, Gdansk) Moukhtar Kocache (Ford Foundation), and Dr. Warren Neidich and features interviews with artists on their recent residency experiences. A broad perspective on the role of residencies in contemporary MENA arts practice is offered through reflections by Ala Younis, curator-in-residence at La Galerie, Contemporary Art Centre of Noisy-le-Sec, France; Sarah Ibrahim, artist-in-residence at Makan, Jordan; Tayfun Serttas, artist-in-residence at Delfina Foundation, UK, as part of the Accented programme; Lofti Nia translator-in-residence at Dar Al-Ma’mûn, Morocco; Nishat Awan, architect-in-residence at Decolonizing Art Architecture Residency, Palestine, with Delfina Foundation; Ahmad Hosni Dar Al-Ma’mûn, Morocco; and Abbas Akhavan, ArteEast’s 2011 artist-in-residence.  Artists Youmna Chlala & Jeanno Gaussi have also been invited to contribute their own propositions for what residencies could be and present a virtual artist book produced especially for the ArteZine that is a continuation of their Home Sweet Home series.

The issue also features rich resources, from a series of podcasts recorded from ArteEast’s series of talks on residency programs (which took place at The Watermill Center, New York; International Studio and Curatorial Project, New York; and Gasworks, London) to a handbook with publically available writing co-produced by Delfina Foundation and ArteEast.

The launch of this issue of ArteZine was marked by an event at Gasworks, London on January 10, 2012. For more information and a list of panelists click here.

Featured artist Abbas Akhavan
Curator: Dina Ibrahim

Guest curated by Dina Ibrahim, the winter edition of the gallery features the work of Abbas Akhavan, ArteEast’s first artist-in-residence with The Watermill Center (USA). Essays by Dina Ibrahim, Mohammad Salemy and Shumon Basar reveal Akhavan’s commitment to lush and transformative art that manipulates the boundaries between visual art, architecture and performance.

Exploring Popular Literature Series: Arab Hip Hop
Editor: Rayya ElZein

This edition of Shahadat’s Exploring Popular Literature Series is a special issue on hip hop, edited by Rayya ElZein. The issue functions as liner notes to an album filled with radical potential, and features translations of fifteen hip hop songs by artists from a half dozen countries around the Arab world. Ranging from the highly political to the contemplative, these songs offer listeners and readers insight into the hopes and critiques of a generation of contemporary Arab hip hop artists.

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