8.10. – 13.11.


– One who informs on another; a talebearer.

– Any of various devices that indicate or register information, especially:
A time clock, nautical: one of the brightly colored lengths of yarn or ribbon attached to the shrouds, stays, or sails of a sailboat, serving to indicate wind direction relative to the boat’s motion.

Galerie Brandt invites you to “Telltale”, the first exhibition of Romanian painter Mircea Suciu in The Netherlands.

“Telltale” shows paintings in which the relation between human nature and the way in we tend to decorate our environment, are centralized. In ‘Oblation’ (2011) we see a sober interior in which a man tries to find a way out of his isolation by stepping into an even smaller and isolated space. Suciu confronts the viewer with human, though often undesirable qualities. ‘Wise Guys’ (2011) shows us several men, dressed in suits, sitting in a row and looking like they are communicating with each other, even though they are headless. White collars against an empty, black background contrast against the black shoes on an undetermined white surface. This seems like a typical scene for Suciu, in which alienation and absurdum go hand in hand with apparent everyday activities. Isolated people without faces, reduced to anonymous figures that find themselves in empty, disorientated spaces. How do they relate to the memories and realities of the present and past?
Mircea Suciu uses images of the 40’s and 50’s which he rearranges, crops and recomposes. With recycling past images he creates a new world, changing the perspective on light and composition in an attempt to reveal the inner emotions of mankind. Suciu: My paintings are like matroshka dolls. You open it only to discover another puzzle. My paintings have something iconic to them, a sort of key for people who want to take a deep trip into their inner world. The images are meant for self-reflection, they appeal to one’s memory, full of mystery and confusion. I am interested in magic realism, in recreating a reality in my own terms in order to express my dilemmas.
It is up to the viewer to analyze the paintings and interpret them in their own way, making each painting a personal experience.

Since his graduation from the art academy in Romania in 2005, Suciu (1978, Baia Mare, Romania) has had many successful exhibitions. His work is represented in many important collections, has been shown in two museum exhibitions and was part of the Prague Biennial.

Foto: Mircea Suciu,’Wise Guys’, 130x150cm, oil on canvas, 2011