Structuring Space

11.08 – 5.09 2011
Opening reception: 10 August 2011, from 7pm
Curated by Anca Sinpalean

Artists and Architects: Cavigelli Architects, Michael Eul, Federica Gärtner, Christiane Haase, Kraus Schönberg Architects, Ioana Marinescu, Andrei Margulescu, Delia Popa, Cannelle Tanc

Structuring Space is an exhibition focused on the relationship between art and architecture. Artfoyer and the Cavigelli architecture office will display works by artists and architects, showing their common effort to structure space.
Art and architecture may share two very important abilities: the ability to structure space and the ability to expand our consciousness of this space. The Structuring Space exhibition intends to bring together drawings, photographs, models, videos and installations made by artists and architects, with the aim of showing similarities (conceptual, formal, methodological) in the way artists and architects think about space and construct structures in space. What does it mean to structure space? What defines our relationship to space and how is this relationship being shaped? How are specific places born from empty space? The aim of Structuring Space is to provide glimpses into the creative process shared by artists and architects, encouraging and inspiring dialogue.
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