IMOCC is pleased to announce the exhibition Recycling Historia (traveling pod), a new work by Hector Dionicio Mendoza.

“Recycling Historia (traveling pod) alludes to various histories. It speaks of surveillance, violence, fear, and social political uncertainty as presented via mass media communications.  This ambiguous, hybrid form combines the illusion of functionality of old and new technologies. From afar the pod itself resembles an excavated, rusted, archeological object. Upon closer inspection the viewer is confronted with apertures that resemble video and computer lenses. Thus referencing social media and the various surveillance mechanisms that are part of our everyday life.  A boom-box speaker and automotive hub cap shift the codes of the structure from a menacing object to a more recognizable one, placing it in the realm of popular culture.  The shape of the structure is round and corky, resembling a non threatening, humorous, caricature that invites a closer examination by the viewer. Thus seduces the public into questioning and confronting larger social, human issues.

The pod itself speaks of a moving system that is constantly traveling and unstable similar to volatile, shifting world that we presently live in. In collaborating with IMOCC, the meaning of the pod is extended even more since the pod is being moved across the greater New York area. The traveling pod will create new Historia, new narrative through the interaction between Dumitru Gorzo and the pod as well as the pod and the general public. Through traveling the streets of New York City this ambiguous, corky form will be exposed to a wider and more diverse audience, thus challenging their perceptions of art.”

Mendoza holds an MFA from Yale University and teaches art at Cal State Monterey.

IMOCC can be seen Tuesday and Thursday en-route in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Bronx between 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm, July 1st through August 2nd.

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