Unusual point of view to the military theme

The ‘Art of Innovation’ project was one of the most complex and difficult for our studio. At the same time it was the most interesting project performed in short time and with the highest quality. The main idea was to present small arms with elegance and without aggression.

On the stage of development we used Flemish and Dutch schools of painting as the reference point. Still-life genre was unique cultural feature of the XVII century, and considerably influenced the history of painting in Europe. Objects of stills of that period usually imply hidden allegory. And we used the same manner in some of our works. In the still life with riffle we wanted to show that both sniper and virtuosic musician don’t have the right to make even a little mistake. Sometimes we played the game with homonyms. For example, in Russian language the words ‘grenade’ and ‘pomegranate’ spell and sound alike. Hand grenade launcher RPG-18 has the original Russian name ‘Fly’. The main area of using this weapon is Middle East and Central Asia. So it seemed natural to decorate this still-life with exotic fruits. Russia is the country of great history, where various cultures of many peoples interlace with each other in a remarkable manner. And our studio tries to intertwine Russian originality with European delicacy and Oriental couleur.

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