Join American photographer Davin Ellicson for an intensive street photography workshop in June, 18 & 19 (week-end), 2011 in Bucharest.

The city is a beguiling place which still suffers from outdated Communist-era stereotypes. Well off the tourist track, there is a raw energy to Bucharest that has to be experienced to be believed. Globalization has yet to run its course here and a curious blend of old and new Europe exists side by side.

Davin will be working closely with participants and providing daily critiques. The goal is to perfect one’s street shooting skills and the art of spontaneous photography by exploring Bucharest as well as how to edit — select and sequence your photographs — intuitively. It’s a workshop open to amateurs and professionals alike.

Through group as well as one on one discussions of the best work, participants will see their picture making skills improve. Technical, theoretical and aesthetic issues will be discussed as attendees work towards honing their individual visions.
The workshop will begin with reviews of each participants’ previous work and Davin will show his own photography as well as the work of classic masters. We will then discuss the history and principles of street photography before we head out to explore Bucharest.

On Sunday morning, Davin will review Saturday’s work as well as give a tutorial on Adobe Lightroom, the industry standard archiving and image manipulation software.

Program description:

The photo studio is at: Strada Stirbei Voda nr. 48, apt. #6 vis à vis Cismigiu. I will meet the participants there.

The first day, we meet at 10 am and look at people’s previous work and I introduce them to the work of the masters. At around 3-4 pm we go out to walk around and shoot and then I leave them to make their own photos at around 6 pm.

On Sunday, we meet again at 10 am, at my studio and stay there until evening.

Data: 18 and 19 th of June (Saturday and Sunday)

Beginning hours: 10.00

Requested minimum age: 18

Cost: 200 lei for adults; 150 lei for students

Please register at [email protected]

Davin Ellicson is an American freelance photographer based in Bucharest, Romania. After finishing college, he went and lived for a year with peasants in a village in the Carpathian mountains lost somewhere in the 18th century. The photographs from this period became his first major project: Maramures. Today, Davin works between New York and Bucharest. An ongoing series on the city comprises his next book project. Davin’s work has appeared in such publications as Der Spiegel, The New York Times, ART and The Chronicle of Higher Education. Photographer’s website: