The Romanian Cultural Institute in London together with the PM Gallery & House present Under the Radar – Serban Savu’s first solo exhibition at a public institution.

Serban Savu’s poignant paintings examine the daily routines and habits of people in modern Romania, revealing personal and communal activities while at work and leisure. People are depicted picnicking on small patches of grass between concrete blocks of flats; swimming and fishing in urban waterways; and standing on building sites, by roadsides and in neglected railway stations.

Whimsical, melancholy, partly nostalgic and yet not without an air of optimism, Savu’s new and recent paintings offer a portrait of a country coming to terms with its past, present and future.

Published by Hatje Cantz, a new publication, Serban Savu, is being launched alongside the exhibition and will be available at the gallery for the duration of the exhibition.

Heat, Smoke, Slowness 2010 Oil on canvas 160 x 122 cm Courtesy Nicodim Gallery, Los Angeles

The Bathers 2010 Oil on canvas 190 x 270 cm Courtesy David Nolan Gallery, New York

Procession 2011 Oil on canvas 35 x 50 cm Courtesy Plan B Gallery, Cluj/Berlin

Perspective 2010 Oil on canvas 145 x 196 cm Courtesy Galerie Hussenot, Paris

Close to Nature 2011 Oil on canvas 30 x 40 cm Courtesy David Nolan Gallery, New York

Water House 2010 Oil on canvas 195 x 135 cm Courtesy Nicodim Gallery, Los Angeles

Depot 2010 Oil on canvas 83 x 130 cm Courtesy Galerie Hussenot, Paris

Two Neighbours 2010 Oil on canvas 66 x 85 cm Courtesy Plan B Gallery, Cluj/Berlin

Serban Savu (b. in 1978, Romania) studied painting at the University of Art and Design, Cluj, Romania. Solo Exhibitions (selection): The Edge of the Empire, David Nolan Gallery, New York, U.S.A. and Behind the Walls, Laika, Cluj, Romania (2009); Harvest, Kontainer Gallery, L.A., U.S.A. and Girls, Plan B Gallery, Cluj, Romania (2007); Along the River, F A Projects, London, UK (2006). Group Exhibitions (selection): Size Matters: XS – Recent Small-Scale Painting, Knoxville Museum of Art, Knoxville, TN, U.S.A (2008); Re-construction, Biennial of Young Artists, Bucharest, Romania; Berlin Show # 1, Plan B Gallery, Berlin, Germany; Closer Still, Mihai Nicodim Gallery, L.A., U.S.A.; Days Become Nights, Galerie Hussenot, Paris (2007).
The artist lives and works in Cluj, Romania.

Under the Radar is curated by Matt Price.

Pitzhanger Manor is the ‘dream house’ designed by Soane as a place to entertain his friends and display his collection of art and antiquities. Sitting in Walpole Park, central Ealing, Pitzhanger Manor and PM Gallery are owned and run by Ealing Council.

When: 24 March – 8 May 2011;
Opening Times: Tuesday-Friday 1-5pm; Saturday 11am-5pm; Closed Sunday & Monday.
Where: PM Gallery & Pitzhanger Manor, Walpole Park, Mattock Lane, Ealing, London W5 5EQ.
Admission is free to all visitors.