Nearly one year ago, New York artist Gorzo teamed up with galerist Irina Protopopescu to realize his project of a new museum; the chosen venue was to be what else but the artist’s overcoat to carry the exhibitions on New York streets. As a result of this collaboration the International Museum of Contemporary Culture (hereafter IMOCC) was born.

When Gorzo approached artist Serkan Ozkaya to have him host the first show at IMOCC he did not know that Ozkaya was planning to put a weight on his shoulders. After a few days of brainstorming, Ozkaya came up with the idea of making “the museum” wander around the streets of New York with his new piece: a giant rock. Ozkaya’s work is appropriately titled “Atlas”, and the artist declares that his primary inspiration was Schubert’s song of the same title, on a poem by Heine.

IMOCC director Protopopescu points out: “There will be a day that we are going to say that we all came from Gorzo’s overcoat,” jokingly referring to the famous Dostoyevsky quote about Gogol (“We all come from Gogol’s “Overcoat”).

As for IMOCC and Gorzo, only time –and unpredictable New York weather- will reveal if his Wanderlust will transform him from proud Atlas to a miserable Sisyphus.

IMOCC is now proud to present its first show “Atlas” and invites New Yorkers and art lovers everywhere to observe and join this veritable travelling exhibition.

IMOCC can be seen every day from Tuesday to Saturday en-route from Bushwick to Chelsea and back between 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm, March 8th through Apr. 8th.

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