It’s been over a year since we lest sent a badly-disguised spam mail to you: as we write this mail we just happen to be chillin’ in a 17th century chateaux in the region of Angouleme, France – which just happens to be the host city of the largest comics festival in Europe. Thankfully, we’re not just here to drink good wine and eat stinky cheese – we’re here to represent Romanian comics: in fact, it’s our first ever Romanian participation at the festival.

We’ll be launching the BOOK OF GEORGE, a chunky almanac that presents some brand-new Romanian comic talent. We’ve searched far and wide to track down some Romanian comic artists who’ve never been involved with Hardcomics before, and have come up with some real surprises. So, if you’re interested in finding out more about the hot new kids on the comic block, you definitely ought to check out the book – and the site – Keep your peepers peeled for more information about the Romania launch-party for the book – that is, if we don’t decide to sack it all off and stay in France for the rest of our lives, making cheese and making unnecessarily effusive gesticulations whenever we speak!

The last important piece of information we have to impart is that we’ve changed our email address: due to spam, and the fact that loads of hottie girls have been bugging us non-stop to “hang” with them, we’re now operating via [email protected]. Drop us a line with all you personal problems! And don’t pass it onto you’re hottie sister!