In 2004 the Lithuanian Photographers Union Klaipeda department organized an exhibition “Erozion” and published the catalog of it. During the exhibition, participants were discussing questions related to the changing traditions of photography. A special attention was paid to the interdisciplinary links of photography with other art practices. In 2006 “Erosion” returns like as biennale of camera based art.


Today, seeing the relevance and flexibility of photo art, the Organizers is preparing the follow-up of the project. It is planned to expand the project and show the cycle of exhibitions in the Klaipeda exhibition hall and different city spaces.

The concept of “Erosion” can be shortly described as the erosion of the photography’s limits, crystallization of the new limits and their erosion. It is like a spiral movement that has central point- photography.

In general, the documentation of an experence does not necessarily have to take the form of an image; text or sound, for instance, can be just as photographic. Visual form is another stereotype of photography, the authoritarian rule of which should long be overthrown. The epithet “photographic” should be understood as pointing to a certain quality, not technique, while photography itself shold be understood as a specific mode of communication…
Erosion. La(o)st Image
Klaipeda art exhibition hall
Anna Fabricius, Giuseppe Di Bella, focAR group, Esther Hagenmaier, Milja Laurila, Agata Marzecova, Rick Niebe, Jurgis Paškevičius, Sejma Prodanovic, Marta Vosilūtė, Nadine Watson, Yiqian Zhang.


focAR group
Alina Tudor si Razvan Neagoe
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