Harem 6, Billie and her Friends…

This is a unique piece made with a lot of love and care, all handmade. It’s about 14 inch tall.It is made of a special clay that we made ourselves-our own formula.

Her clothes are of fabric combined with a special glue so that it can stay beautifully stiff no matter how you would like to move her. For the face we used a pencil, that enabled us to draw all the details beautifully. The drawing is fixed with a varnish.

It can be hanged on the wall or stand next to a wall to decorate your space, this is not a doll for children, it’s a special designed art object.

We hope this one of a kind piece will bring a lot of joy into your home.

If you buy two dolls shipping is 25$ and for other items combination please check our shop policies and let us know what you would like, so that we can prepare a listing for you.